Tutorials for Quilt Assistant

Tutorials for use with Quilt Assistant, free quilt design software. Use these lessons to learn how to use the software and explore various options to make the most out this versatile tool.

Paper Pieced Dolphin

Paper pieced dolphinLearn the basics of making a paper pieced design by creating a paper pieced dolphin.

Paper Pieced Penguin

Paper pieced penguinLearn more about naming and printing paper pieced templates by working with this paper pieced penguin.

Printing Sheets of Templates

Printing Templates for HexagonsLearn about printing sheets of paper filled with templates for hexagons and other regular patterns.

Color Design

Color Design for regular patternsLearn how to make a colorful quilt design based on a photo and a regular pattern.

Using the Colors window

Colors Window in Quilt AssistantLearn how to manage and make use of the color palette in Quilt Assistant.